Overview ResellerHosting

Information about ResellerHosting

This program is ideal for those who wish to sell high quality hosting services to own clients. It is a great solution for Web designers, developers, Webhosting sellers, Internet consultants and for everybody as well as every company that needs to keep more domains.

Administration of user accounts is desing in such way that company PIPNI is invisible for reseller´s clients. This means that reseller can sell webhosting services based on his own terms and conditions, offer his own additional services and technical support. Reseller has always 100% control of his profit from webhosting services and his clients.

After singing a contract reseller receives access to his own wide administration where he can manage his registered domains. Reseller can individually set or forbid rights to administrate services like FTP, databases etc., change traffic limits and used space.

At this moment we offer 5 basic paid programs. In case of big volume of domains prices will be negotiated individually. If not agreed differently, payment term is quarterly with payment for each quarter at the begining of a period based on proforma invoice. Receipt fot taxation purposes will be sent to reseller upon received payment. If a reseller will move during a quarter from one paid program to another due to change of number of registered domains, invoice will not be changed for this quarter. Price will be changed in next payment term. First quarter is free of charge because of gradual domain transfers.

When setting number of domains for categorizing into corresponding reseller program has a client domain PROFI equivalent 1 and BUSINESS domain equivalent 2 (counts like 2 PROFI domains). Reseller can choose any combination of programs PROFI and BUSINESS.

Pricelist ResellerHosting
Number of domains
more 10
more 25
more 50
more 75
Price for hosting domain
Price with VAT for hosting domain
Number of domains
more 100
more 250
more 500
more 1000
Price for hosting domain
Price with VAT for hosting domain
ResellerHosting includes the following services

PHP 5.x, ASP, JSP scripts a servlets

Unlimited mailbox size

Support IPv6, DNSSEC

Zend Guard Loaded, IonCube PHP Loader

FTP/s, WebFTP, WebDAV a subversion

Automatic response, WebMail

Antivir, Antispam, POP3/s, IMAP/s

Management and administration DNS

Own limits for ftp, database and mailbox

MySQL, PostgreSQL, FireBird, SQLite

Unlimited subdomains and aliases

Mod rewrite, automatic compression

Graphical Access Statistics AWStats

Zend Optimizer, IonCube Loader

Password protect and control by IP

Change error pages

SSL, Cron

30 day money back guarantee

Optional services

Own IP address50,- monthly

Pronájem vlastní IP adresy k resellerhostingu, napřiklad pro HTTPS nebo SMTP.

SSL Standart certifikat500,- yearly

SSL standart certifikát RapidSSL, platnost 1 rok

SSL Wildcard certifikat2000,- yearly

SSL wildcard certifikát RapidSSL, platnost 1 rok

Všechny uvedené ceny jsou bez DPH, které je účtováno dle platných daňových zákonů.